Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wind of changes and happiness at the end of this year - Welcome Santiago!

I'm very sorry because I know, there were several days without any post on this blog, but I think you'll understand the reasons.

First of all, I have left Q4Tech after almost 8 years of great experiences and lot of friends there. It's just time to go ahead and continue my way. The selected destination was Clarius Consulting where I've already started working as Dev Lead. I've previously worked with Daniel Cazzulino (Kzu) on the development of the Patterns & Practices Mobile Client Software Factory, and some Microsoft Live Labs projects, so this is a familiar place to work for me, and I'm really happy to start this new stage on my professional life with such hi-level team.

But there is another big, huge reason to be happy at this end of 2007, my first son was born on December 24th, What a Christmas present!! The Best one!

Well, he is just 6 days old (or young), and I'm so proud of let you know him, Santiago Gallardo is here:


He's the reason because I don't remember what is to sleep 3 hours in a row ;)

Happy New Year for all of you! I'll continue posting about mobility on 2008... see you then!


José Miguel Torres said...

Muchas felicidades por tu reciente paternidad. Muchas suerte en tu nueva etapa profesional y los mejores deseos para el año 2008.

Jose Gallardo said...

Muchas gracias Jose Miguel! Y un muy exitoso 2008!