Thursday, June 3, 2010

World Cup 2010 Application for Windows Mobile: The panoramic UX proof of concept is here!


I’m glad to introduce you this small World Cup 2010 application for Windows Mobile, which has been entirely developed using the Compact Framework applying some UX concepts from Windows Phone 7 panoramic UI and spikes on fluent UI I recently worked on.

This app requires a touch-screen device with Windows Mobile and the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 3.5.

As this is just a proof of concept, you can download it for free following the links bellow:

New version v.0.3.beta available!




    Portuguese (NEW!)

      Brazilian Portuguese (NEW!)

      Français (NEW!)

      Chinese (NEW!)


      The features included are:

      • 64 matches with detailed info which can be browsed by group, date or play off stage.
      • 8 Groups details.
      • Play-offs chart
      • Manual update on-line which will got the following:
        • World Cup news directly from the FIFA.Com News RSS feed, including pictures and links for full reading in your browser.
        • Results for finished matches.

      The application can run in almost any Windows Mobile 5.x, 6.x touch screen device. It automatically scales according to your screen size and resolution.

      I’ll continue posting about the technology around this app. Stay tuned!

      Fixes on v.0.1:

      • Fixes an issue while parsing dates on some localized versions of Windows Mobile (i.e. Danish, German ROMs) which was preventing the app to run.
      • Recovery screen if any data inconsistence is detected after update. This is a very weird case, but the app will let you update and get a new set of data if needed.
      • News screen support for longer text resizing accordingly.

      Fixes on v.0.2.beta:

      • This version downloads the news directly from the Feeds sources, getting a faster connectivity and fresh information from
      • Calendar shows July 12th for time zones where the final match will be played that day.
      • Small visual changes on Calendar.
      • Play-Offs: Fix on the games chart, which was showing a confusing wrong line-connection for Semi-Finals. The data was correct, but the lines were wrong. This version fixes that.
      • In some devices or orientations, the Play-offs chart was truncated. That issue is also fixed on this version.

      Fixes on v.0.3.beta:

      • All the v.0.2.beta fixes/changes.
      • This version doesn’t show the Recovery Page.
      • Fixes an issue for v.0.2. on a clean installation when the Images folder wasn’t on the XmlData folder.
      • Includes a new “Today section” allowing you to see the games for today at a glance.


      • This version is published in four seven languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Chinese and German.
      • Let me say thanks to Marcus Bauer, Matthias Engler, Carlos Paulo, Ayrton Vasconcelos, Thomas Michiels, Nick Käser and Kenn Zhang for their help on translations.

      Quick Troubleshooting:

      • If the app crashes on your device, please email me ( the “errorfound” file located on the xmlData folder. That file has the error log so I can see what the problem was. This file will be deleted if you have a successfully synchronization, so please make a copy before sync.
      • The small portion of the next section visible at the right is intentionally there, to invite you to continue exploring the panorama.
      • I got some reports where the problem was related to the device running low of resources (even if it has lots of memory). This issue was mostly reported on Omnia II devices. I recommend you to take a look at the processes that are running on your device. A soft reset would help on those cases.
      • If you think the app is showing wrong times for the matches, please check if your device has the right time zone configured. If that’s not the issue, feel free to send me an email.
      • Any other issue you may have, don’t hesitate to contact me, because this piece of software is validating a UX engine that should be stable enough to be widespread reusable.

      Update (6/19/2010):

      Wow! The proof of concept was an incredible success. I got an amazing feedback and the awesome quantity of 35.000+ downloads. This was definitely the kind of feedback I was looking for.

      If you have read my blog posts, you should be aware that this is just a UX Proof of concept, and of course, I didn’t expect such a huge amount of downloads ;).

      I’ve changed the host server and the updating mechanism, so the client can consume the news feed directly from its original source (i.e., keeping you with fresher news and simplifying the updating process.

      I strongly recommend you to install v.0.3 if you’re still using v.0.1.

      Thanks for such a wonderful feedback!.  Do you still interested on the technology behind this app?? Maybe you should start thinking on what application can you develop with this kind of UX, or maybe just how can you re design your existing app to provide a fluid experience. Stay tuned!

      kick it on


      Gauth said...

      Took about 3 attempts to update, but works fine now. All infos are there. It's really the best looking app ever on wm. Hats off to you!!

      Unknown said...

      Great App!. Just installed on my HD2 (elegancia rom) and it was a go from the beginning. No hangups! thank you.

      Unknown said...

      Worked perfectly on my HD2. The application indeed needs to be downloaded using IE :-) .. Once installed it ran perfectly.

      Gauthier said...

      It's running very well on HD2 dutty's HG 3.3, not a single glitch with the software. Sometimes it can't update (more of a network thing i think).

      Anonymous said...

      I've installed it on my HD2 (running Elegencia rom) and it works fime! Brilliant app! 10 out of 10!

      Anonymous said...

      Works fine on HTC Diamond 2 !

      Marcus said...

      Brilliant! No probs on T-Mob stock 2.13 ROM.
      One question: the horizontal swype only works on the title bar - is this by design? The gesture should be recognized everywhere on the screen, shouldn't it?
      Again - brilliant! Now, about that source code .... ;-)

      Jose Gallardo said...

      I totally agree with you regarding the gesture. That should be recognized everywhere on the screen.
      I just didn't have the time to implement it, and the world cup was too close. It's not just to detect the gesture, it's also how to provide feedback while the gesture is performed. The same thing while swiping on the top. I'm only giving feedback when the bounds have been reached, where it's totally critical, but that should be done everywhere. I just didn't have the time.
      That feedback will be implemented, but not for this app I think, as right now the priority is having it working on the bigger number of devices I can.

      About the source code, I want to see lots of Windows Mobile apps better looking and as responsive and smooth as this one. I'm working on facilitating that ;)

      Anonymous said...

      Hi good evening Jose, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that your App is freaking gorgeous.. Holy crap!!!
      I love it, very intuitive indeed. Thank you so much, and I look forward to any further development from you. Many thanks again!


      Anonymous said...

      Just another tip, Im using the T-mobile HD2 and the Rom from Miri V17. Im also reporting not a single problem at all. This app really rocks!! Thanks


      Danny said...

      First of all, great work! This is one of the best looking apps out there. Well done!
      Mine worked great on the stock T-Mobile HD2 ROM for a few days, but then this evening when I did an update on the app, it closed out. After that, I couldn't get it to open again, even after a soft reset of my phone. I noticed a file in the XmlData folder called 'errorfound' that was 0 bytes.
      A simple uninstall and reinstall of the application fixed the issue. I ran another update and it updated successfully this time. Any ideas what generated the errorfound file? It's not there anymore since the reinstall.

      Zepiiii said...

      I just tested it right now.

      For myself, it's working, and it's fucking amazing !

      I like the way it's presented, the UI is really nice. Any chance for WM7 to have success? Anyway, it's not the question here ^^

      It's soft, it's fluid, it's really great !!

      Congratulations man !!

      Even if I am not a fan of football, it's one of the best application that recently came in the WM world !

      2 thumbs up !

      Hagop said...

      Excellent work Jose.

      I was having the same problem like some others, where the application would not start, only show the name in the title bar for almost 1 second.

      I found out what was causing problems for me, it was the regional settings for date and time. I set them to dd/MM/yyyy for date, and HH:mm:ss for time. It works now.

      HTC HD2 with stock ROM 1.66.415.5 WWE

      Keep up the wonderful work.

      Anonymous said...

      World Cup 2010 is working perfectly on my HTC TD2, using WM 6.5.5 (NhatHoa cooked ROM).

      This application has very nice and clean interface and the "update" feature makes very simple to receive official FIFA news and games scores.

      The only minor complain is that the left-right swift only work at the top of the application (World Cup banner).

      Great work!

      Jose Gallardo said...

      I've already published v.0.1 fixing the date time parsing issue with some localized ROMs.
      I'll delete all the old comments about those fixed issues, so, feel free to add new comments if you find any other on this new version, or send me an email to

      Thanks again for such a great feedback!

      Anonymous said...

      Installed on my HD2 Artemis Rom v18. Fantastic app other than the gesture.

      thank you.

      Christa Lynn said...

      looks great!!! fantastic app, thanks so much for the download!

      AtSee said...

      Wooow. Great App
      After the update everything works fine. HD2 1.66.404.1 NLD
      Thanks a lot.

      arda said...

      WC app was great and please make more apps with this technology and save us from old styled bad interfaced applications. especially please make an app about news or rss feeds etc. we will follow you.

      Stefano (from ITALY) said...

      Great App! Just installed on my Omnia2 i8000 (Sumsung original rom) and it was good since the beginning. No hangups! Thank you

      p.s. I can see on the right side of the screen part of the letters from the following screen... maybe it depends from my screen 480x800... by the way, great app!!!!!

      Unknown said...

      Runs perfectly on my Touch HD with Mikenificent WM 6.5.3 ROM!!

      Keep up the development of this fantastic piece of software. Love it!

      Robbaddoo said...

      Installed and updated without any issues on my HTC touch3g, will keep brim full of WC2010 info throughout the tournament and having the group tables to hand is always useful. Cheers.

      Andre said...

      One AMAZING piece of freeware. Thanks for the work and effort!

      Anonymous said...

      It works perfectly with my HTC HD.
      the graphics are awesome
      The fluidity is extra !!!

      The best app on WM for me

      I'm looking forward for another apps !!


      Sorry for my english I'm French !!

      Anonymous said...

      Hola, Gallardo.

      First, congrats for app. ;)

      I've read the posts here and I have the same problem that was posted before: when I did an update, it closed out. After that, I couldn't get it to open again, even after a soft reset.

      I've tried to install at device memory/card but same results. :-/


      Anonymous said...

      Thanks. amazing app and free. keep up the good work.

      Anonymous said...

      Man you are a GENIUS!
      this is just great, exactly what i was looking for, very neat app and free!!! i cant ask for more

      Jose Gallardo said...

      Thanks for the extremely nice comments.
      I'm sure we'll see more apps like this one running on WM devices soon. This is a development blog, and publishing the app here is totally aligned with that topic, as this proof of concept is validating the approach and technology under the app.
      I'll try to make much easier for any WM dev to build compelling apps as fluid and smooth as this small app is, by making this technology available for all of you.

      @Hiroshi: Are you using v0.1? I guess you have the first drop so please try installing v0.1 and let me know how it works.

      Thanks again!

      Anonymous said...

      great app, thank you so much!

      هيثم الحسيني said...

      Nice it work for HTC touch2
      what a good program

      but i think the .cab file is broken or open as a text file when i click it so, this is an alternative link

      Unknown said...

      hi from Türkiye,

      This is great application. Easy installation and ergonomic usage for my HD2.

      But I have one problem about Update. When I want to update, process failed with message that you must have winmo 5.0+ and .net..

      I use HD2 with Dutty v0.8 Rom with .net 3.5.9

      Help me!

      Thank u

      Mike Moore said...

      Excellent application and it works perfectly on my old WM5 HP 2795 PPC. Cannot wait for 6/11!!!

      gooner said...


      Unknown said...

      Greetings Gallardo,

      Again, thank you for this wonderful app. I have a question: is it only me or the "background" link that shows on the games pages is non-functional? On the Fifa web page it takes you to background information on the teams. Couldn't you do as with the news that sends you to the web browser? It would be nice...

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you, this is definitely a fantastic application. One question, the times of the matches, are they SA time or local time where the phone is being used? Thanks again.


      Anonymous said...


      Thanks for your reply.

      Yep, I've tried both (.zip and .cab of new version) and installed at device memory, storage or memory card.

      I have this problem only with OmniaII. Sometimes it close out when I scroll the app. After that, when I open it again, a error message appear and all information was lost:

      I've also installed on HTC Advantage and even with RealVGA (with 96 dpi) your app works like a pretty charm: AND

      Maybe some incompatibility? I'm running SPB Mobile Shell on Omnia (and no Today plugins on Advantage). I've tried to disable SPB but same results. :-(


      Anonymous said...

      EXCELLENT!!! just a few qustions:
      how about scorer statistics? will they be available after the WC starts?
      and the time of the matches is south african time? by any chance and if it's not too much to ask...could we be able to choose our time zone in a new update?

      if it's not possible to add those features i just listed, the app is still AWESOME!!


      Ayrton Vasconcelos said...

      How can I translate this app to my language (PTB)?

      Jose Manuel García said...

      La mejor aplicacion hasta el momento sobre el mundial que he probado, y he probado varias... solo una cosa, habra version en Estañol?? un saludo y GRAN TRABAJO!!!

      RC said...

      I don't normally comment on Apps i download, but this...!! Absolutely brillant and definitely the best of the 4 wm world apps i have downloaded so far. brillant job, keep it up!

      Jose Gallardo said...

      Wow! Awesome feedback guys.
      As you know I'm doing this development on my "free time", which is so little to be honest.
      My intention was validating this UX concept and implementation in a real world app, and it's working really great. Thanks for that.

      About the app, I want to clarify a couple of things:

      1) The scores will be updated online as part of the Update process (Update screen - Start). Don't expect real time updates while a match is in progress. I'll try to keep those scores updated as fast as I can, but it will be mostly after a match has ended.

      2) Time Zone: There are some questions about what is the time zone used by the app. It's using the time zone from your device configuration. If you have the right time zone set on your time settings, then the time you see on the list is when the match will start according to YOUR local time.

      3) Localization: I've received several requests about localizing the app. I've just started working on a localization design, but I will need help on translation and a good news RSS feed if there is not an official FIFA one for your language. If you can help me with that, just send me an email to

      Also, If you know a match scores / statistics web service or similar that can help me to improve the app, feel free to contact me.


      Jose Gallardo said...

      A little additional comment:

      I got some e-mails about the app showing a little part of the next screen on the right.

      That would be weird, but it's intentionally done. The first person I showed the app to was my wife, and she didn't realize she can swipe the screen.
      The goal of having that small section of the next screen is to invite the user to explore what's next.

      Anyway, point taken. I guess that's something to review.


      Anonymous said...

      Great app! Installed and working flawless on my ATT Tilt II with stock ROM.

      Producing something like this for the community in your "free time" is to be commended.


      peSHIr said...

      The app showing a bit of the next page is *exactly* what Windows Phone 7 panoramic UXs do as well. Nice touch.

      Would be good if side swipe would work on the whole screen instead of just the title bar, but still very impressive.

      When can I use this? Could be great for @peSHIrTweets, perhaps...? ;-)

      Dito said...

      The best mobile app for the World Cup that I had been looking for... Thanks for the excellent work... Now, I wish Argentina a good luck in the World Cup..!!

      Anonymous said...

      Great App. It works well on my HTC HD2. Very good job man! I had a dream for the World cup, you made it. Thanks.

      Anonymous said...


      i want to use your app on my htc kaiser with a custom rom (wm 6.5). if i want to start the upgrade process i get an "Process failed. Install" error. I have already installed the file. so, how can i fix the problem? any ideas?

      Unknown said...

      great app, i can update ok, but i cant swipe. it crashes without error message. when i launch the program again it says: oops! something went wrong. Updating would fix it. I update - relaunch program - but still the error persists. i have xperia x1 with winmobile 6.1 do i have to install new .net framework?

      k@beza said...

      can anyone recommend me an app for SouthAfrica 2010 world cup, but for windows mobile SMARTPHONE? I have a HTC S710...

      Rafael said...

      Worked fine at my HTC Diamond (HTC 6950 Movilnet Venezuela)

      Thanks !!!

      Anonymous said...

      Marca is a good news RSS feed in spanish:
      Also the official FIFA news feed can be used in different languages (spanish, french, german...)

      match scores / statistics web service:


      EL VIDI said...

      Trully one of the best apps for WM I've ever seen...

      The only thing you need to do is the livescore update for every game.

      You have for example this RSS Feeds for soccer games: (you can have examples at

      The best site for soccer live scores is, but infortunatelly they don't provide an RSS feed.

      Keep up the excelent work.

      Anonymous said...

      In Replay to myself:
      Error: ""

      The problem was that i have chosen to install the file to my sdcard and not to internal storage. After i removed it and reinstalled it to the internal storage the program runs like a charm

      Nannig said...

      Well done! It's neat and complete, and works perfectly well on my HD.
      A kick in the ass to some paying software one can find on the Marketplace that still uses the old WM look and feel.
      Oh and behind the nice looking thing, it's pretty well thought and will be quite useful for sure.
      I'm looking forward to see more of your work (as I assume it's going to be hard to make drastic changes on this one before the WC :oP)

      Anonymous said...

      This is one of the best World Cup app for Windows Phone i have ever seen so far. Great job!
      If you don't mind i have shared your app in

      Best Regards

      Unknown said...

      by far THE BEST free app for WM, even much better than the paid ones i've seen!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

      i have a question when i dont have access to internet and the app asks me to update, it gives me only 2 options: update or exit...could we still use it even without internet, or add an option to update it when we want only so we can see the calendar and the rest? thanks!!

      btw the app is only for wm?? my friends that have iphones or have symbian on thier phones are so jealous of me! LOL

      traveler said...

      i've the following error:

      system.Core, vesion=, Cluture=neutral, PubliKeyToken=969DB8053D3322ac

      HTC Trinity (to old?)

      Mo said...

      Loved this app. Amazing interface, & you have used it very nicely. Kudos for the good work

      DaveC said...

      Wow, great app, thanks!

      The panoramic UX really rocks!

      I've got an issue though, my phone (LG expo) has a wvga screen but the right edge of the screen is showing the info from the next page, e.g. in the "what's new" screen, a tiny bit of the "Groups" page is visible on the right edge, I wonder if it's specific to my phone.

      One minor suggestion:
      Implement back/forward when flicking left/right. e.g. flicking right in a news entry will forward to the next entry.

      thanks again for the great app!

      प्रवीण पाण्डेय said...

      A great help. Thanks a lot.

      Unknown said...

      Greatest application. What else ? Works like a charm on my Omnia i900, even with french ROM.

      If you need help for translating in french, feel free to send me texts to translate.

      Again, thanks for this application !

      András said...

      Hola Jose!

      Brilliant app, congratulations!
      It works ALMOST perfectly on my HTC Diamond. Almost, because I can't use the Calendar page of the app. It shows the calendar, but I can't open and see any of the days... :(
      (I installed the
      Any idea? Thanks in advance!

      András said...

      It's me again. Meanwhile I found a solution to the problem I wrote a few minutes ago.
      I changed the regional settings of my phone to English (so the date and time formats changed to the british style). Now the calendar page of the application works properly.
      It can be useful to other non-english users.

      Jose Gallardo said...

      Thanks for the comments.
      I'm testing some localized versions now.
      At this time I'm working on spanish, german and chinese versions.

      @Yann: Can you please send me an email to so I can send you the strings to translate?

      If any of you want to help with translation, just drop me an email and I'll send you what I need.

      Thanks in advance!

      Anonymous said...

      has anyone tried this on a non-touch screen phone? what world cup viewing applications exist for non-touch screen?

      Nabil said...

      Thank you very much, its very useful to me. Can you make the program like this for BPL and LA LIga?

      Anonymous said...

      WOW simply beautiful!

      BTW the Cab link didn't work, had to get the zip.

      WOW again, what can I say that hasn't already been said apart from a great big thank you.

      Anonymous said...

      Tried to make it run at my Diamond2 (Topaz), but no way, for a while it shows on the top "World CUp" and nothing happens, returns to Home

      Tried to install NetCf3.5, and says that I have a most recent version, installation aborted

      Using my own rom with a SYS Version 23569 with NetCf3.5

      Tried both installation Device/SdCard

      Lewis Li said...

      Nice app!! It is worked perfectly on my Acer F1.

      By the way, would you pls extend the calendar to 12/July? because final match will be held on 12/July instead of 11/July. I found the period printed on the header is also wrong (11/June - 11/July)

      Except this minor bug, it is the best worldcup wm app I ever used.

      Thanks for your great job!!

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you for this wonderful app!

      hanmdq said...

      Impresionante aplicacion, funciona perfectamente en mi HTC touch.


      Anonymous said...

      Congratulations for the app, it's very good!!!
      Installed on my HTC HD2 original ROM 1.66 and work fine.
      I have a problem only after the second update, the app send me the problem of netframework 3.5.
      I resolved the problem with a new installation.

      Adel Khayata said...

      I can host your data update server if you like.
      just tell me what is needed.

      luisgerardo77 said...

      Alguien sabe cuando lo volveran a subir ? o alguien que lo pueda compartir

      Anonymous said...


      Great app ! Thank you very much for this dev !!!

      Anonymous said...

      please someone email me this app please

      Anonymous said...

      when will the download be reactivated?

      Anonymous said...


      Great job...

      Just miss some statistics as goals
      to be perfect


      Anonymous said...

      Great apps, thanks!

      But the v0.2 keep ask me to update to fix the error, not work on my HD2
      Go back to v0.1

      Anonymous said...

      I'm having the same problem as Hiroshi. Please help us, this is an amazing app!
      The update returned error 404 not found :(

      Great app! Hope it can work on my Omnia II sooooon!


      Pedro said...

      At first didn't work for me the 0.2 version (0.1 worked just fine). But I solved it rolling back to 0.1, updating and then installing 0.2. Now works perfectly.


      takyao said...

      Thanks!! The new today section seems a nice idea, but it's not quite so for me in Japan, as we have a daytime between the "first" game at 3am and the "second" game at 8pm. It would be better to have three consecutive games on "today".

      Anonymous said...

      Congratulations ! Your app is amazin ! Thank you very much !

      Anonymous said...


      thanks for your fantastic work

      Have you planned something about goalscorers classification and some details for matches as goalscorers and cards(yellow and red)by match


      Nahuel said...

      Una excelente aplicación, y gratis! Muchisimas gracias.

      Joncak said...

      Muy buena aplicacion la mejor por lejos que a salido para este mundial una cosa podrias agregar una seccion para los goleadores ? creo que en la seccion today quedaria perfecta y si incluyeras un modo en live que funcione con tweet/xml o que utilize una notificacion al momento de marcar x favor lo mejor

      Unknown said...

      Great app Jose. Animations are extremely fluid and it really makes for a great user experience. Please, the community needs the source code! :)

      Anonymous said...

      Anonymous said...

      Hola Excelente aplicacion!! solo una idea... le podes agregar estadisticas? Goleadores, especialmente! Gracias!!!

      Anonymous said...

      Hi. I am a developer and i really want to make similar apps, or adapt my apps to this UX.

      Hope sonn you will release a "tutorial" or a SDK tso we can learn and adapt.


      Anonymous said...

      Please tell me how I can use this UX for my own apps! Absolutely love it, great work!

      Anonymous said...

      Grosisimo recien lo veo venia usando el de resco que es muy malo en comparacion este es rapido y practico! Felicitaciones, lamento no haberlo encontrado antes...

      Unknown said...

      Hey, this is one of the greatest apps for WM works without problem on my HD2 Artemis ROM 21.5 is there any french version planned ?
      if not I can make the translation even if france is already out of competition and germany is gonna win the cup I think there are some french users interested on this app.

      Jose Gallardo said...

      Thanks all for the feedback.
      I will publishing Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese and French versions tonight (almost my midnight).
      I'm also working on an italian version, but it stills in progress making an alternative news feed work as doesn't have an official italian one.

      @nick: thanks for the kind offer. If you send me an email I can share with you the pre-release installer so you can send me your feedback.

      For devs asking about the sourcecode. I want to share more than just the sourcecode. In fact I think sharing the sourcecode right now would be confusing. My goal is to share an *easily* reusable UX engine. I'm also working on that direction.

      Thanks again!

      Unknown said...

      José excelente aplicación, lejos una de las mejores interfaces que vi en aplicaciones WM.
      Tengo inconvenientes en mi Omnia 2, la aplicación cuelga cada tanto sin saber por qué

      Anonymous said...

      goalscorers classification, goalscorers classification, goalscorers classification pleaaaaase!!!!

      Kadu said...

      This was exactly what I was looking for!!!
      My World Cup is complete! :)
      The graphics are great on my HTC Touch HD!

      Bernd said...

      This is a fantastic application with a wonderfull UI. One of the best Software I've ever had on my HD2.

      Thank you and the guys who did the translations to bring this utillity to lots of soccer fans.


      Nabil said...

      This is a great software I ve ever used on my HTC TP2. Can you develop this kind of application for English BPL?

      Thanks you

      . said...

      Hi Jose,

      Please share your components. :D

      It´s amazing, we want develop applications like this. :D

      Jose Gallardo said...

      I'm glad you still interested :)
      Good news is that I'm working on it.
      It was less than one month since the world cup ended, and I was working on making it easily reusable.
      The foundation is mostly done, and I have some cool stuff to show, so I'll be posting a quick update on that early next week.

      Unknown said...

      I enjoyed using this App during the world cup. Pity it's over. But all the Euro leagues are just getting ready to start, woo hoo!

      Any chance we can an app that can aggregate info from the EPL, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga?
      That way I can keep tabs on all my teams with just one app. It would also be handy to have TV listings for upcoming matches (get the info from
      Perhaps they could even sponsor the app with an Ad supported version.

      Unknown said...

      One other application for your Panoramic UI would be a Music player, as the panels closely mimic the Zune interface.

      I cannot understand how until today Windows 6.5 does not have a stellar music application.

      the_kil said...

      Hi !!

      What's happenning about your project
      We don't have news ...

      Thanks for your job...

      Do you think it's possible to create a new application for music player or perhaps a facebook application ?

      João Vitor said...

      Hi Jose,

      Any news about sharing the components? :)

      Jose Gallardo said...

      Hello everyone.
      I was quite busy lately, helping the Microsoft Patterns & Practices group building guidance for Windows Phone 7 Development.

      But I didn't forget this Windows Mobile UI engine idea. In fact, you can see a public early version of what the UI engine will be at

      I was also thinking on sharing the original full source code of the world cup app. But that probably will be just as a reference material given that Fleux is an evolution of that code and should be hopefully more reusable.

      There still tons of work to be done, and that's the reason I haven't posted about it yet. But early feedback is always useful.